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Makeup Removal and Cleanse - $35

Please note we only cleanse your lashes when having a Full Set of Extensions.

Coming from work? Don't have time to remove your Eye Makeup? 

To avoid cutting into your Lashing time -
⚠️Please ensure you book this service if you have ANY Eye Makeup on ⚠️

We no longer cleanse when having Tops/Infills.

You will be required to come to your appointment with cleansed Lashes or book the Makeup Removal and Cleanse above, 

so please ensure you come with clean lashes. Failure to do this will result in very poor Extension retention and/or we may not have the time required to perform the service correctly

Another option is...

You are welcome to use our Lash Cleansing station - see below

Lash Cleansing Station - Complimentary

We have a Lash Cleansing Station at the salon, equipped with everything you will need to cleanse your Lashes.

You are welcome to cleanse your lashes upon arrival but please be aware you will need to arrive at least 15 minutes early in order to use the Cleansing Station. 


Classics - Mascara look

Petite Set - $125  (approx 50 - 55 Lashes applied per eye) - Very lite natural look

Medium Set - $185 (approx 70 - 80 Lashes applied per eye) - Natural look

Glamour Set - $200 (approx 90 - 110 Lashes applied to each eye) - Full mascara look 

*Petite and Medium Sets are not suitable for very fair natural lashes*

Volume - Fuller/Thicker 

Full Set - $265 (approx 350 - 400 Lashes applied)

A Fuller/thicker/glamour look, compared to our Classic Extensions

Hybrid - Volume/Classic Mix

Full Set - $ 265 (50:50 Mix of Classic and Volume)

Perfect for a spiked and/or staggered look 

All Styles - Infills/Topups

30 mins - $89 (approx 1 - 2 weeks) 

45 mins - $99 (approx 2 weeks) 

60 mins - $135 (approx 3 weeks)

Bonus 15 mins Boost - $37

(need a little extra top up, why not add a BONUS to the above)


*Please be aware that we can only Infill/Topup your lashes for the time that you book,

if you have lost more than usual you will need to book extra time.

As much as we would love to be able to "go faster" we need to ensure we are lashes safely..

Eyelash Extension Removal + Keratin Treatment - $80

Lash Lifts and Tints

Lash Lift + Tint  -  $130

A semi-permanent lifted/curl is created to open the eyes and make the natural lashes appear longer,

colour is then applied to create depth and thickness - results last approx 8 - 10 weeks 

Lash Lift  -  $113

A semi-permanent lifted/curl is created to open the eyes and make the natural lashes appear longer -

results last approx 8 - 10 weeks

Lash Lift + Tint + Keratin Treatment  -  $165 *Exclusive to Piper Lash*

Lash Lift + Tint as above followed by an intensive Keratin Lash treatment to strengthen, repair and smooth the natural lashes -

results last approx 8 - 10 weeks 

Lash Lift + Keratin Treatment   -  $150 *Exclusive to Piper Lash*

Lash Lift as above followed by an intensive Keratin lash treatment to strengthen, repair and smooth the natural lashes -

results last approx 8 - 10 weeks 


Keratin Lash Treatment  -  $45

Keratin Lash Treatment is an intensive lash treatment to strengthen, repair and smooth the natural lashes, perfect for someone who has damaged natural lashes or wants to prevent any damage from occurring -

results last approx 6 - 8 weeks 

Lash Tint  -  $37

Colour is added to the natural lashes to give the appearance of darker, fuller lashes

Frequently Asked Questions 


Eyelash Extensions are used to enhance the length, curl, fullness, and thickness of your natural eyelashes. They are applied to your natural lashes by our experienced Lash Technicians, using various materials and techniques.

What will happen at my first appointment?

Our highly trained Lash Technicians will do a full consultation with you, discuss your expectations, life style, natural lash condition and provide our professional advice

Before we commence the treatment, we will thoroughly cleanse your lashes (this is for FULL SETS ONLY, not Infills/topups) with our natural Piper Lash Eyelash Cleanser, then apply hydrogel pads underneath your eyes,

not only will they hydrate the under eye area but they also help to keep the bottom natural lashes out of the way,

as we only apply Extensions to the top natural lashes. 

Our Lash Technicians will then isolate each one of your natural lashes and attach Faux Mink Lash Extensions to each one of your lashes (depending on the style you choose) to create the look that we have discussed and decided on in your consultation.

*Please note we use only synthetic Extensions and do not support the use of animal hair.


Please Note:

  • Please remove your contact lenses before your scheduled appointment (you may wear them after your treatment but not during).

  • Please avoid wearing makeup to your appointment, you will be charged a Makeup Cleansing fee and this will result in limiting the time we have to get your lashes as full and fluffy as possible plus it will hinder your retention drastically and we can't guarantee the end result

  • No water proof mascara for 3 days prior to your appointment, as this is very hard to remove and leaves a residue which will prevent the Extensions from adhering and lasting as they should.

  • Be prepared to lay down for 1 - 2 hours (depending on your appointment type).

  • Due to the level of detail and concentration required to perform this service we do not allow children or babies to attend.

  • Please note: Failure to adhere to the above guidelines will mean we can't guarantee the end result


When your lashes are done by our highly skilled and experienced Lash Technicians, your natural lashes will not be damaged! Unfortuantly as this is an unregulated industry there are more and more inexperienced people performing these services incorrectly and causing all sorts of damage. 

You can be rest assured that our Lash Artists are all highly qualified and experienced and will always ensure the health and integrity of your natural lashes. 


Classic Extensions - We apply 1:1 -

 One Extension to each one of your natural lashes to achieve a more natural look.

This creates a look similar to perfectly applied Mascara but without the panda eyes! 

Fullness dependant on style you choose.

Volume Extensions - We apply 2-3:1 - 

More than one Extension is applied to each one of your natural lashes, we will apply a small fan generally

2 - 6 extensions at a time per natural lash, this is where the term 2D, 3D, 4D etc comes from.

This creates a fuller, fluffier look.

Hybrid Extensions - We apply 1 - 4:1 - 

Hybrid's are a mix of both Classic and Volume Extensions,

we will use a combination of both methods to create a unique style to suit you.


How Long Does It take:

It depends on how many natural lashes you have but generally:

Classic Full Set - 90 minutes

Volume Full Set - 120 minutes

Hybrid Full Set - 120 minutes

How long will they last?

We lose between 5 - 8 natural lashes every day just like our hair when it falls out each day, due to this your Extensions will fall away still attached to your natural lashes as they shed. As a result your Extensions will become more sparse over time, you will then require an Infill.


How to book Infills/Topups

We no longer do Infills/Topup according to the weeks past, rather we do them based on time.

We appreciate that it can be a bit of a commitment to have your Lashes done every couple of weeks so we decided to make the change to 30, 45, 60 minutes Infills/Topups to put the control in your hands.. 

The time required will depend on your extension shed/loss, so please ensure you book ample time to allow your Lash Technician to get your lashes nice and full. 


Please note anymore than 4 weeks and/or a 40% loss, this will be classed as a new full set,

due to the fact that you will have lost so many and will require more time. 

We will book you in for a 45 minute Infill/Topsup, 2 weeks after your initial Full Set to not only Infill your Extensions but to also check in with you and see how they are going, make sure your happy with the lengths, style etc..


How do I care for my Extensions?

You will be advised by our Lash Tech not to pull, touch, play or pick at your extensions as this will cause

them to fall off prematurely and may also damage your natural lashes.


In order to keep your Extensions clean and healthy you will need to cleanse them daily with an Extension Safe Lash Cleanser - our Piper Lash Foaming Cleanser with Natural Ingredients has been specifically designed for this purpose .

There are two main reasons you will have to cleanse daily


1. Retention - Because the eyelids are one of the oiliest parts of our bodies and as we all know oil breaks down glue, so if we don't remove the oil from our lashes each day it will break down the Extension glue and they will fall off prematurely.

Not only that but when you come in for your infills, if you have a build up of oil our adhesive will not stick and if it does it will simply not last and again you'r Extensions will fall out prematurely.

2. Hygiene - Now that you have 2 - 9 times the volume on your eyelids its not possible for water alone to keep them clean! The oil from our bodies, products we use, environmental factors all build up in our lashes and if not kept clean can cause irritation and infections. 

After Care:

  • Do not wet your lashes for 24 hours after application

  • Avoid steam and heavy sweating for 24 hours

  • Brush gently each morning

  • Avoid oil based products around your eyes

  • Cleanse DAILY with our Piper Lash Foaming Cleanser + Brush

  • Do not use mascara or gel eyeliner

  • Do not pull, touch or pick at your Eyelash Extensions, not only will this damage your natural lashes but it will cause them to fall out faster, due to the oils from your fingers being transferred to your lashes which dissolves the glue.

  • It is completely normal to lose lashes every day just like your hair. You lose about 5-8 natural lashes a day.



The short answer is yes BUT...

We have had many issues over the years and decided the only way we can provide infills for people who have had their lashes done else where is to charge a surcharge.

So we charge a 20% surcharge on top of our normal Infill prices in order to cover costs involved

We also are very strict on never over weighing the natural lash and too often have people come in with Extensions that are far too long and/or thick for their natural lashes and they want us to Infill them the same way. 

We simply will not do it.. 

A little note from Kim our CEO and founder.. 


"My mission is to provide safe, healthy, beautiful Eyelash Extensions to our clients for years to come, we have been Lashing some of the same clients for many years and due to our vigilance they have no damage or lash fatigue what so ever

Piper Lash is my name, my reputation and I can't have that associated with damaged Lashes and/or poor craftsmanship..


We will however create an individual style/lash map to suit you, your facial structure, eye shape, natural lash condition, length and strength and your life style


We never stop learning, we are training in new more advanced techniques, products and procedures daily - so come on in and see the difference for yourself


Kim x" 


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